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The following letter come directly from retired San Francisco homicide detective Frank Falzon, who helped solve the 1974 murder of Frank Carlson by Angelo Pavageau. Mr. Falzon’s letter is published here “as-is” in its entirety.

The Carlson Case was the worse possible crime. A home invasion where the husband Frank Carlson was violently murdered. His wife, Annette, was raped for over three hours and then left in a pool of blood to die. This crime was committed by Angelou Pavageau.

If you have any memory of this heinous crime please read the below plea for support in keeping this criminal behind bars. Pavageau was to have been executed but our criminal justice system now wants to set him free.

What separates this case from the ordinary murder/ rape cases was the brutal and torturous treatment the victims received.

Pavageau tied up the husband, Frank Carlson, to one of his dining room chairs, smashed his head with a hammer, breaking the handle, beat his head with a three inch chopping block, breaking off a piece, crushed his head with a potted plant and finally broke a large glass container of coins over the head of now  dead man. All this occurred in front of his screaming wife, Annette.

Pavageau then took Annette to the upstairs bedroom and raped her repeatedly for over three hours. She begged for her life. He laughed, picked up a small rocking chair and beat her breaking the chair. He then took a large rock off of the dresser, wrapped it in a towel and beat her head unmercifully. Finally, as she continued begging to be spared, he took her wrist and sliced the arteries with his knife. He then went downstairs poured gasoline on Frank, returned upstairs and poured gasoline on Annette, set them both on fire and left.

This man has avoided the death sentence but should never be released from prison.

– Frank Falzon

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