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On April 19, 1974, Angelo Pavageau brutally killed San Francisco resident and San Francisco State University graduate Frank Carlson, 25.

That same day and into the evening, Pavageau proceeded to beat, torture and rape Frank’s wife, Annette. She was left for dead and nearly burned alive.

The intruder was capture, tried and convicted for his crimes. Originally convicted to death, the State of California overturned the death penalty, instead giving Pavageau life with the possibility of parole.

Each and every time Pavageau was up for parole, Frank’s family was on hand to protest to the board, which helped to keep this felon in prison where he belongs. The next parole hearing is April 25, 2017.

Frank’s family needs your help. Please download, print and mail an official protest letter. And help to spread the word. Thank you.

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