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Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for taking the time to help us in our crusade to keep the person in prison who killed Frank and damaged Annette so horribly.

Our letter writing campaign was moving along thanks to you when on Friday, March 10, the prisoner informed the Parole Board that he wanted to defer his hearing for three years.

This is his legal right. He can to this no more than three times, and this is his third request. It is also his last request. While we are informed 90 days in advance of a hearing, he has until 45 days before the hearing to defer. It’s not fair, but very little about this crime is fair. We must deal with the laws as they are written.

Yesterday I met with our lawyer and Annette’s sister at the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office to discuss our course of action. We will communicate our expectations to the Parole Board that we will attend a hearing in 2020, and that Marsy’s Law’s terms will apply.

Your letters of support make a difference, and we can’t thank you enough for taking the time to write them – and also sharing our cause with other people in your circle of friends and family members. Our web site will remain up, and we will keep it current. When 2020 comes we will be ready, and we will once again ask you for your support.

Please know how much that support means to us, to Annette, to our late parents and to the people that can’t be there to speak. People like Frank.

Eric and Wai Ling Carlson

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