An update from Eric and Wai Ling Carlson

Dear Friends and Family, Thank you for taking the time to help us in our crusade to keep the person in prison who killed Frank and damaged Annette so horribly. Our letter writing campaign was moving along thanks… Read More

New coverage from the San Francisco Chronicle related to the case

On Tuesday, March 14, 2017, the San Francisco Chronicle ran a front-page piece covering the 1974 murder of Frank Carlson and subsequent torture of his wife Annette by Angelo Pavageau, all the way through this week’s latest developments–a… Read More

A letter from retired police detective Frank Falzon

The following letter come directly from retired San Francisco homicide detective Frank Falzon, who helped solve the 1974 murder of Frank Carlson by Angelo Pavageau. Mr. Falzon’s letter is published here “as-is” in its entirety. The Carlson Case… Read More

A murderer, torturer and rapist may walk free in California. You can help prevent that!

On April 19, 1974,¬†Angelo Pavageau brutally killed San Francisco resident and San Francisco State University graduate Frank Carlson, 25. That same day and into the evening, Pavageau proceeded to beat, torture and rape Frank’s wife, Annette. She was… Read More

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