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Please help us keep Angelo Pavageau, who murdered Frank Carlson and raped and tortured Frank’s wife on the same day in 1974, locked up for life.

By emailing or downloading, printing and mailing this sample protest letter you’ll be letting the parole board know how strongly you feel about keeping Mr. Pavageau behind bars where he belongs. With hearings in the past, the Board of Prison Terms has received many hundreds of letters opposing parole. Every letter makes a difference.

Ms. Jennifer Shaffer
BPH Executive Officer
P.O. Box 4036
Sacramento, CA 95812

Re: Angelo Pavageau
CDCR#: B58812

Dear Ms. Shaffer,

It has come to my/our attention that Angelo Pavageau, the murderer of Frank Carlson, who then raped, tortured and tried to kill Frank’s wife Annette, is again up for parole at a hearing on April 15, 2020.

I/We cannot imagine that, in light of the heinous nature of Pavageau’s crimes, and him having never taken responsibility for his barbaric actions or made any changes that would prevent him from offending again, that he would be allowed to re-enter civil society.  I/we understand a team of medical experts thoroughly examined him and concluded that he is a sadistic sexual psychopath whose condition is not amenable to treatment, and only controlled because he is in prison.

The surviving victim, Annette Carlson, lives in fear for her life should he be released. The Carlson family has fought for the last 46 years for this criminal to be retained in custody for the rest of his life.

I/we write to implore the Parole Board to deny Pavageau parole, and to do so for the longest period of time allowed by law.



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